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老湿鸡视频’s Wireless Network 老湿鸡视频 position your organization for improved performance and productivity.聽 We elevate the customer experience through a simple, open, agile and secure network. We also help you design and implement a mobility strategy to make your organization more efficient, collaborative and responsive.

Why 鈥楴ext Gen鈥? Because the How and Where of Work Have Changed

How people work has changed forever鈥搘here, how & when they work. People need the ability to work from anywhere with any device with the same reliable, secure access to applications wherever they are.

The network must be able to flex to accommodate them along with the influx of all the new devices.

WiFi 6 is Next Generation Wireless

Wireless networking has changed with the transition to the WiFi 6 standard which works in tandem with 5G/4G Advanced LTE services to provide a seamless transition from WiFi to cellular wireless networks.

Let鈥檚 start with a clear understanding of your business and technical requirements by working with your IT staff to determine if your architecture, physical sites, operations & user profiles are ready to support advanced mobility solutions through a converged network.

The result? A secure, highly reliable, high performance network optimized to deliver the best end user experience 鈥 anytime, anyplace, on any device.聽 In addition, flexible network fabrics enhance throughput & availability whether delivered internally, or in conjunction with hosted or 鈥榓s a Service鈥 cloud providers.

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Tech Talks Presentation:

Leading companies are intent on emerging from the pandemic era in a stronger, more competitive position with 94% of networking executives now adopting advanced wireless or plan to in the next year and, over 9 in 10 regard it as 鈥渧ery鈥 or 鈥渃ritically鈥 important to their business success.

This Tech Talks presentation discusses how to determine if 5G and WiFi6 should be part of your corporate network strategy.

Deploying Wireless Network 老湿鸡视频


An assessment provides the clearest understanding of your current situation and desired outcomes. These can include Wireless Controller 鈥淏est Practice鈥 assessments as well as Greenfield and Existing Wireless site surveys.

Assessments may be either basic or comprehensive. A comprehensive assessment is customizable in order to better align with your business & technical requirements, evaluate the current environment and identify areas of risk & opportunity.


老湿鸡视频 provides comprehensive design, build and management capabilities that deliver fast, reliable & secure network connectivity across wireless architectures. We guide successful integrations of wireless technology, mobile devices & applications for delivery on converged wired & wireless platforms.

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about what you need to deploy and optimize your next gen wireless network.

Global Fortune 100 Automotive Manufacturer

Wireless Network Woes Bring Automaker鈥檚 Parts Distribution to All Stop

The Problem:

Network connectivity at regional parts distribution centers supporting 1,300 North American dealers seriously impaired company operations & communications bringing warehouse productivity to zero.

The Effort:

老湿鸡视频 performed predictive site surveys & spectrum analyses to reveal signal dropouts, interference & unreliable performance from outdated WLAN designs, sub-optimal console settings, inadequate access point coverage & physical obstructions.

The Results:

Throughput, network reliability & employee productivity were completely restored and performance improved through network redesign, reconfiguration, hardware refreshes & adoption of 5.0 GHz band.