Global Service Desk Support

老湿鸡视频’s Global Service Desk Support delivers intelligent, proactive鈥攁nd personalized鈥攕olutions that work anywhere you do.


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Prevent and resolve issues quickly with 老湿鸡视频’s Global Service Desk.

Our Global Service Desk is designed to provide the best user experience. We believe you should have high expectations for service and know they’re going to be met. Working with our service desk feels:

Preemptive. We fix it before it鈥檚 broken. That鈥檚 why we work hard to eliminate the potential for future problems.聽

Personal. When someone calls, we know who they are. When people feel served personally, they know the solution is the right one.聽聽

Seamless. We bring the same ease and simplicity to support that people experience as consumers.聽

Empowering. We know you want to resolve issues fast, with different options available to you. That鈥檚 why we put the power into users鈥 hands so they can get support on their own terms: fix it yourself or ask for help.聽聽聽聽

Available. We are there when people need us鈥攚herever and whenever necessary.聽

How Global Service Desk Works

Our cloud-based service desk solution enhances the user experience and reduces operational costs using intelligent innovation.


We combine traditional service desk support with expertise and latest technologies to drive real returns. Our services allow you to use our enterprise grade tools, so you can provide your employees with a personalized experience at a lower cost.聽 Let us handle the challenges associated with the day-to-day running of your service desk.

Download our Practical Guide to Service Desk in the Cloud

Increase your agility by leveraging the investments we鈥檝e made without losing yours.


What does an independent infrastructure in the cloud look like? In a nutshell – no servers, no data centers, no VPNs, not even buildings. By passing on responsibility for these things, you can take advantage of 老湿鸡视频鈥檚 innovative service desk and cloud infrastructure technologies.

There鈥檚 no longer the need to build these on your own and deal with the problems that many times come with it. Instead you can 鈥渨alk behind the snowplow鈥 and take an easier path.

Make it easy for employees to find help for their problems with solutions that are efficient and actually resolve things the first time.


When you have a problem, there’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to go for support and, even if you find the right place, nothing gets fixed. 老湿鸡视频 keeps people productive by stopping bad things from happening, or if they do, fixing them as fast as possible. With our cloud-based service desk, we can do this with a variety of integrated solutions that let automation handle the bulk of the work.

Sleep better at night knowing we have you covered.


Modernizing your service desk can be difficult. Managing existing on-premise tools and infrastructure is tough enough without having to also research, fund and implement new innovative tools, and make them fit into your existing environment.

老湿鸡视频 has already figured out what it takes to operate a world-class service desk. Our solution, built on an ITIL-based foundation, reduces maintenance costs and keeps you ahead of the innovation curve.

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Tech Talks Presentation: Why Your Service Desk Should Be in the Cloud

There are significant advantages to moving your service desk to the cloud.

This discusses the resulting enhanced user experience, streamlined infrastructure management and process and cost efficiencies gained.

Fortune 20 Manufacturer

Top Manufacturer Leverages RPA to Reduce User Support Costs and Improve Productivity

The Problem:

Dissatisfied with its Service Desk provider and the quality of support provided to 23,000 users, the client sought automated, preventative, and self-service solutions to improve user productivity and reduce reliance on the Service Desk.

The Effort:

老湿鸡视频 began providing 7×24 Global Service Desk with Predictive & Automated Intelligence and Self-Service toolsets providing automated incident resolution and self-healing capabilities.

The Results:

Monthly incidents reduced 30% combined with ongoing user support cost reductions, and significantly improved user productivity & satisfaction.

老湿鸡视频 Fortune 20 Manufacturer