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“Journey to Zero” Approach to Enterprise IT is Key to Accelerating Digital Transformation

ʪƵ’s September Tech Talks virtual event addresses how companies can achieve innovation in Workplace IT infrastructure to improve the user experience and reduce costs.

Wednesday, September 29 when ʪƵ Tech Talks discusses how organizations can accelerate their digital transformation journey and presents real world results achieved as part of an internal test case–

  • 50% reduction in user-generated tickets
  • 100% increase in proactive resolved tickets
  • 25% improvement in security posture

Organizations often struggle to measurably advance digital transformation to improve business results and deliver a more seamless user experience. This most often occurs because digital transformation is not well understood as an IT journey over time and it lacks a practical roadmap to guide innovation.  This event will demonstrate how to follow a roadmap that guides their operational improvement journey and delivers measurable business value.

Tech Talks Event:

Date/Time: 1pm ET September 29, 2021

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