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Corporate M&A Creates Need for Seamless Network Integration

The Problem:

A non-standardized infrastructure hindered the integration of the corporate parent and its merged subsidiary鈥檚 operations systems. Conversion for the 177-store chain was to be completed in just 8-weeks compared to a more customary three-month timeframe.

The Effort:

老湿鸡视频 deployed new & refurbished technology at a pace of 10 stores/night with its W-2-badged technicians to align to the corporate technology standard (servers, switches, routers, access points, POS devices, iPads, printers & phone systems); ensure retail PCI compliance; and provide all related procurement, configuration, testing, kitting and shipping to all locations to ensure seamless integration.

The Results:

Network integration was achieved ahead of schedule in 7 weeks. The client CIO expressed complete satisfaction with the deployment, project management, and achievement of a 90% first-pass yield.