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Health Insurer Seeks Innovation to Improve User Experience, Drive Out Costs

The Problem: The client sought to enhance its user experience and provide improved support through the application of the latest tools, technologies & self-service solutions. Specifically, it is needed to drive improvement in operational efficiency, reduce support costs & decrease incident resolution time.

The Effort: 老湿鸡视频 deployed its 24/7 Global Service Desk to support 1,900 employees & 2,500 devices with its Predictive & Automated Technologies, automated incident resolution, robust self-service & proactive analytics capabilities integrated with chatbot support. An Adaptive Pricing Methodology was implemented to provide flexibility to the client via a cost-per-user model approach.

The Results: 老湿鸡视频 seamlessly transitioned the client from an onsite internal help desk to its 24/7 Global Service Center support resulting in greatly improved ticket resolution, reduced ticket volume, and lower support costs.

老湿鸡视频 Leading Healthcare Insurer