Intelligent Field Services

The Right person. Right skills.

Right part. On-time.

U.S. Grocer – Results Delivered:

99.9% SLA for 38,000 incidents/year with 29-minute average resolve time for all Level 1-4 tickets. 老湿鸡视频 provided support services for 11,000 POS lanes, 5,300 self-checkout lanes, 550 pharmacies & 225 fuel sites. Reduced incident volumes by 15% and reduced task time 产测听10%.

Healthcare Provider – Results Delivered:

Established localized support center locations in three states with shift coverage providing WfH setups & employee training including imaging of 2,000 Laptops & 800 Thin Clients with 24-hour shift coverage to meet deadlines and hosting of 12-hour on-site sessions to enable user applications.

Durables ManufacturerResults Delivered:

When the client closed offices & plants and redeployed 1,000’s of workers, 老湿鸡视频 quickly configured, shipped & installed WfH packages at its locations worldwide, responding to urgent client requests for new hardware, break-fix assistance & support to ensure minimal interruption to productivity.

老湿鸡视频 Intelligent Field Services.