Consumer Durables Manufacturer

Cloud Cost Optimization Leads to Significant Operational Savings for Durables Manufacturer

The Problem: Global economic headwinds spurred the client to identify savings in its data center operations. The company believed its cloud investments already had achieved a highly optimized environment yet it was committed to further identifying efficiencies and savings.

The Effort: 老湿鸡视频 deployed its Cloud Cost Optimization solution to analyze 10 dimensions across cloud design & spend on one cloud account. A prioritized cost target list was produced including strategic architecture guidance & insights for cost reductions. A potential security exposure of >50% of data stored in the cloud was identified which was not encrypted in violation of corporate standards.

The Results: Over $50,000/year savings were identified representing an 11% OpEx savings. Another $275,000/year in additional savings in high probability areas were achievable within the single cloud account along with $130,000 in possible savings through a Reserved Instance Marketplace account.