Things to Know About IT Staffing

Adding the right people to your team is key to your success, so understanding what goes into it is critical.


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What is Staffing?

Staffing is a service provided to an organization or business where another company (agency, firm, etc.) identifies, interviews and shares professional candidates to the consumer at a predetermined cost.


What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the use of outsourced workforce or personnel for a project based or temporary need. The size and scale of this need may vary per organization or company. This outsourced effort is typically provided by a staffing firm or agency.


What is Contingent Labor?

Contingent labor is a fancy way of saying “temporary worker” or “contractor”. Contingent labor is the use of a worker to assist in getting work completed. This can be part-time, non-permanent, freelancing, consulting, gig-work, etc.


Why is IT staffing booming?

IT professionals of all skill-sets are in an exceedingly high demand as businesses have become increasingly dependent on IT initiatives being completed to keep their company or organization safe, secure and supported for both internal employees and external customers.


Why are there so many staffing agencies?

Companies are dependent on hiring the right people in a timely manner- more than any time since the 鈥.com bubble鈥 burst. Staffing firms serve as a critical partner to many organizations that cannot identify top talent on their own. With demand for these services increasing, the numbers of new staffing agencies opening has continued to soar.


Who is a good IT staffing agency?

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Where do staffing agencies find candidates?

Staffing agencies utilize specialized recruiters which utilize their internal network as well as their proprietary databases which are聽filled with active candidates that are not on job boards.


Do staffing agencies charge fees?

Yes. Fee structures may vary by agency.


What is an ATS?

ATS is an Applicant Tracking System. It is a tool used to track the progress of applicants/candidates through the hiring process.


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