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Improve the Bottom Line and the Customer Experience with Retail Software 老湿鸡视频.


老湿鸡视频 Retail Software 老湿鸡视频 offer custom and proprietary software solutions designed to make the most of your business investments and bring convenience and security to your customer transactions.


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老湿鸡视频 Custom Application Development

Our retail customer application development extends the life of your investments as an alternative to technology replacement.

Create new revenue streams and optimize business processes across operating systems such as 4690/TCxSky, Linux and Windows. Also integrate popular retail solutions such as promotions & loyalty, payments, giftcards, pharmacy & fuel into your retail experience.

NextVision Retail Suite

老湿鸡视频’s NextVision Retail Suite brings you the latest in handheld computing technologies with capabilities including POS transaction processing, store & enterprise management functions, customer services utilities and more.

狈别虫迟骋补迟别飞补测鈩 is the lightweight communication framework that provides a common entry point to your store and enterprise data and enables seamless connectivity between retail applications, associate devices and your important business information.

It runs as a Java Virtual Machine on existing store hardware and is designed to support plug-ins like store activity reporting, item price information, printer integration, e-mail receipts, and unlimited connectivity to enterprise data.

狈别虫迟笔翱厂颈迟颈辞苍鈩 mobile Point of Sale solutions improve throughput, increase customer satisfaction and create a more enjoyable shopping experience.

With NextPOSition, any part of your store becomes Point of Sale enabling store personnel to assist customers on the sales floor; speed checkout and reduce long lines at the register by creating full customer orders on the floor; and process credit card payments and issue receipts anywhere in the store.

狈别虫迟颁辞濒濒别肠迟颈辞苍鈩 increases managers鈥 visibility on the sales floor delivering real-time information updates and streamlining management tasks.

Now managers can audit, add, delete or modify item records; create shelf tags, shelf talkers, or signs with a mobile printer; receive goods and update the Point of Sale system in real-time; process store transfers for incoming and outgoing goods; generate orders for store replenishment using the host system, and create user reports.

狈别虫迟惭补苍补驳别谤鈩 provides store managers with real-time access to operational data allowing them to complete more tasks while monitoring the sales floor such as assisting customers with price checks, supervising & training employees; receiving POS alerts; monitoring cashier and register performance in real-time; retrieving departmental reports; and approving, declining & forwarding exception reports.

Leading U.S. Grocer

Top Grocer Achieves Compliance in Record Time

The Problem:

A major compliance deadline required the deployment of the latest EMV standard credit card chip reader technology at client grocery store fuel sites to reduce fraudulent credit card activity. Implementation required a complex orchestration of numerous hardware & software solution providers and made more challenging due to COVID & technology partner delivery issues.

The Effort:

As Systems Integrator 老湿鸡视频 developed agile methodologies and provided a dedicated team for development, lab management, testing, support & project management, custom configuration software & deployment of the integrated solution for 1,900 fuel dispensers at 227 locations.

The Results:

老湿鸡视频 achieved Speed to Market completing the rollout in 6 months vs. the expected 12 months with a site conversion in 4-6 hours vs. 8 hours. 老湿鸡视频 exceeded the client鈥檚 鈥淣o Exceptions-No Excuses鈥 policy by overcoming supplier issues & avoiding delays to deliver zero delays & issues impacting fuel site operations.

老湿鸡视频 Leading U.S. Grocer